World History students have just completed studying the Rise of Christianity and the Muslim World. For your Glogster project you will research the answers to the following questions on the three related religions of Judism, Christianity and Islam.
You will then take your answers and consolidate them into categories of interest showing the similarities and the differences among the three religions. You will need to do this incorporating both with words and pictures. Finally, as a result of your research your will record your answer to the final question - Are these religions more alike or different? You will present your findings to the class with the help of your interactive web poster.

  • You are required to gather information from at least three (3) different “modes” of research. Books, videos, internet search engines, journals, magazines, etc. are acceptable modes. As always, be careful to record all citations.
  • You will assemble the textual data in a *.docx or *.doc file for use in creating your glog.
  • Bring a hard copy of this document along with the digital copy when you meet with Mrs. Siwinski in the computer Lab to begin the construction phase of your glog.
  • The research must contain detailed on your religions.
  • All photos or graphics that you plan to use in the construction of your glog must be saved to your server or to a thumb drive. You will need to access them when you come to the lab.
  • Mrs. Siwinski will meet with the class on Wednesday, MAY 20, 2010 to instruct the class on the technical aspects of creating a glog.
  • You will be expected to take the tools that Mrs. Siwinski provides and, using them, develop your own unique virtual poster that demonstrates your knowledge of your subject.
  • You are to create your own glog about your religions, using the information that you developed during your research.
  • Remember to write the script for your final answer and be prepared to record it using GarageBand when you meet with Mrs. Siwinski.
  • Remember to not only make your glog attractive, but informative and effective. While style isn’t everything, the organization of your data will be key in conveying your information to the class.

You will be evaluated for your skills in research, compilation of information and visual composition.

This project help you become familiar with the related religions of Judism, Christianity and Islam. It also gave you the opportunity to hone your technology skills as you used GarageBand to record your script and Glogster to create your interactive poster with text, images, sounds and video.


This project designed and implemented by Bobbie Trotter, teacher of History at Mount Saint Joseph Academy. Wikispace design and technical assistance furnished by Carol Siwinski, Instructional Technology Coordinator.
May, 2010